Entertainment Pro

Practice-oriented further education program for entertainment producers

Great gala shows, long-running docutainment or new web-based entertainment formats – entertainment is a fast-growing and highly dynamic market segment, both internationally and especially in NRW.

The practice-oriented and branch-specific program is designed specifically to meet the needs of non-fiction entertainment production. It is primarily aimed at industry players with practical experience who want to expand their skills in the sense of a creative producer who combines both the content and the business perspective.

The basic program  teaches and deepens the central creative, technical and commercial core competences in entertainment production in the three fields of development, production and marketing.

Advanced modules are intensively devoted to individual entertainment genres and special fields of competence in entertainment production.
In addition to the further development of individual and market-related skills, the program also focuses on networking participants and establishing branch contacts. They will be guided by nationally and internationally renowned lecturers with substantial experience in the entertainment industry.

Next program start: January 2020

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