Masterclass Non-Fiction

Documentary storytelling in a variety of formats is still quite popular – in the movies, at different television time slots, and on the Internet. The classic documentary format can be combined with fictional elements and visual effects. Depending on the target audience, one and the same theme can be designed and formatted completely differently.
In the Masterclass Non-Fiction participants develop their individual film ideas tailored to the German, European or international market, accompanied by internationally renowned lecturers. They will be encouraged to identify and apply new trends. The focus is on the professional pitch of their projects to an industry audience.
The Masterclass regards itself as an ideal platform for building a network of filmmakers that enables them to connect with decision-makers in the industry.

The Masterclass Non-Fiction is an extra-occupational further education program consisting of 11 weekend modules with a total of 32 teaching days as well as a four-day congress module.

Next start of program: January 2021

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